The European Order Of Mentalists (in French Ordre Européen Des Mentalistes) is a member association of the French Federation of the Artists Prestidigitators. It was created in 2007 by a group of friends around Claudy Gilsons, our current president. 

Its purpose is the promotion of the magic arts among which mainly the mentalism. We defend the following definition:

Mentalisme is a performing art,which consists in presenting performances, on the themes of the strange and the mental faculties.

Mentalistes uses various techniques. Among those:

·       The psychology is the deduction, the intuition, the ambiguity,

·       The suggestion by the neurolinguistic programming, the hypnosis,

·       The development of the memory is the mnemonics, the fast calculation,

·       The illusion by serving to us as the conjuring, the manipulation or the mental magic,


Today, the OEDM gathers more than 70 professional members and amateurs of France and French-speaking Europe. 

The strength of our association is based on three elements:


'Friendship and the possibility to have something in common:

Our purpose is to share our knowledge in a climate of frank good-companionship to deepen and master all the subtleties of Mentalisme. We want to distract and amaze. We publish a newsletter. We organize bimonthly meetings in the region of Paris and in province. They are real moments of conviviality, discovery and sharing of our knowledge. The logic of this activity leads us naturally to promote quality performances, which can possibly allow our members to get ready to participate in the national or international competitions.


The Promotion of Mentalisme:

Every year we organize a meeting or a congress It is the highlight which gives rhythm to the life of the club during a weekend. The annual meeting of mentalists is the occasion of conferences, an open scene, an official reception.  The major event of our club is of course our congress. We receive guests of international fame there, organise workshops, offer an official reception of magic and, within the framework of a competition, select the best European mentalists. They will see the award of a trophy of gold, silver and bronze in the effigy of Nostradamus.


We want to give to our members the possibility of forming in the excellence of our art, of intensive working of their character or their number.

Naturally we are against the use of the techniques of the mentalism in mercantile purposes and except for entertainment, by persons claiming themselves endowed with paranormal powers, which we simply judge charlatanism.


International aspect:

Some of our members are recognized professionals who assure performances all over the world. They are our ambassadors. Others have more modest ambitions, what also makes the wealth of our club. 

We work actively to strengthen the cooperation and exchange with all other European mentalist clubs to develop the sharing, and favour the promotion of our art. 

For more information on our NOSTRADAMUS D’OR competition which awards the Best European Mentalist, just click here.